Ataraxia is a valuable method of assessing human beings in their physical, emotional and mental health, with which you learn to transform emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, guilt and all kinds of wrong thought patterns that were printed on the inside and that ultimately affect your health.

Ataraxia studies everything about emotions and how they affect our lives, the criteria that determine and the blockages to achieve what you want, but at the same time, with Ataraxia you can also find out your capabilities.

Through Ataraxia you can find valuable information on different areas of your life: health, employment, skills, relationships and family, emotional state, beliefs about prosperity, acquired criteria, social conflicts, and even karmic reading among others.

After the reading of those nine areas, we proceed to work with the most troubled by becoming aware of the cause wich they spring and enhancing mental release, emotional or physical. Thus, it is achieved the rebalancing of the energetic body, to change and transform what prevents us prosper and strengthening those capacities or virtues that belong to our nature.

Our perception and interpretation of things make our world the way it is, or what we think it is. A negative thought can feed a pessimistic view of the world around us and has an intensity that can produce some surprising changes in the brain and hormonal constellation. This situation has consequences that are manifested physically. The power of our mind and our emotions is, today, undeniable.