To obtain the Master of Ataraxia is necessary to have obtained the Bachelor (Basic Course +13 practices), plus the completion of 13 supervised practice Master, repeated Ataraxia Basic Course or the Master of Natural Resources for Health and presentation of a Thesis.

This title is validated with the MASTER of the OPEN UNIVERSITY OF ADVANCED SCIENCES. Students who have obtained MASTER ATARAXIA are recognized on our website, the Institute oversees the MASTER annually to recognize them properly. This title is needed for specific training for people who wish to become ATARAXIA System Teachers. Any person wishing to promote themselves as such in our institute will have our support and collaboration. The different regions of education are at the European territory, America and South America.

Persons appearing in the following list have completed the necessary practices for obtaining the Ataraxia Master. To teach introductory courses or seminars about Ataraxia, it is necessary to be trained as basic grade teacher, middle tracher, or higher theacher. The basic grade teachers are licensed and certified to teach from the first up to the third seminars of the course, as well as Ataraxia workshops. All the students can access a certificate of attendance from the Open University of Advanced Sciences of Florida (USA). The upper grade teachers or those who have obtained a PhD and can teach a complete Ataraxia course.

The Ataraxia Institute recognizes exclusively the overcoming of the studies by the students, thus recognizing their professionalism and training in the method. Ataraxia Institute disclaims any liability for the free exercise of any profession of those detailed here.

Professionals recognized by the Ataraxi Institute

López Haba, Pepa   Sastre, Montserrat   Lorca, Ana María
Galià Lopez, Silvia   Martínez, Tania   Alfano, Simona
Perales Burgos, David   Harbets, Maryoleine   Pastor, Laia
Pou Martín, Francisco   Fonollosa, Estela   Villarmín Cabrera, Maite
Almeida, Máximo