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Transforma tus emociones y construye la vida que tú elijas

This is a book of training, consultation and learning where are explained the enormous possibilities offered by nature in terms of achieving our welfare. In it, Esther Francia Ataraxia detailed the ATARAXIA METHOD with practical exercises and concrete examples that can learn to transform emotions, identify and change the criteria that prevent personal happiness that we desire, through the quartz crystals and gems, geometry, sound, color, creative visualization and regressive therapy.

Price: 20€ + Shipping costs.

Una vida en la Atlántida

This book, written by Esther Francia, recounts her own experiences in regressions and dreams. It includes information that others have experienced without knowing the details and that coincided with her memories, all related to Atlantis.

Price: 18€ + Shipping costs.

Cambia tu vida en 24h

Esther Francia presenta su nuevo trabajo, una novela que ayuda a tomar conciencia que cuando algo no te gusta es necesario cambiarlo, anima a eliminar el miedo a lo desconocido y adquirir el coraje que necesitas para reconocer quien eres en realidad y todo cuanto puedes lograr. El cambio en tu vida requiere de un tiempo y dedicaciňn, depende de uno mismo como distribuir las horas.

Price: 20€ + Shipping costs.

El precio del silencio

It tells the story of a very close mother and daughter, who have always lived in the shadow of a secret that her mother never wanted to clarify. The daughter believes to know very well her mother, but is on the fateful moment when she dies, when the daughter discovered that the judgments she alleged, were actually signs of strength and courage. It also shows the horrible consequences of keeping silent and the effect it has on our physical body.

Price: 20€ + Shipping costs.

Sintoniza con la vida

Price: 14€ + Shipping costs.