The Ataraxia Institute was founded with the aim of covering teaching, research and dissemination of all areas of knowledge, that while still in the process of being considered as scientific and / or regulated, are nevertheless accepted and implemented at the grassroots level, both for its complementary use of science in physical and mental health, but also for its contribution to the personal development, psychic and spiritual of the human being.

Ataraxia Institute was inaugurated in 2001, after a lengthy investigation that began in 1997 in Barcelona. In the year 2006 more space is needed to respond to more than 10000 people have passed through the Centre and, of course, the training of qualified professionals for the diffusion and dissemination of methodology.

In this sense, through its various departments and corporations it represents, maintains communication with leading universities, foundations, research centers and institutions around the world.

For 13 years the Ataraxia Institute has represented the most advanced and prestigious institution in the fields of complementary medicines and mental techniques. During its career, it has trained more than 1,000 professionals in Ataraxia. All of them being recognized for their great human quality and reliability, thanks to the solid preparation of teachers and, on the other hand, to the enthusiasm of the team.

Currently there are two university corporations that validate our diplomas and support our Ataraxia studies:

  • Open University of Advanced Sciences (Florida USA)

    University of High Studies for Excellence (Delaware USA)

We can also highlight the associations that admit our students:

  • Asociación Europea de Ataraxia. España.

    Asociación Nacional de Medicina Cuántica, Neurociencias y Bioenergética, España

    Asociación Nacional de Especialistas en Nuevas Profesiones, España.

    National Association of Alternative Medicines, USA

    Association for Transpersonal Psychology, USA

The successes achieved by parapsychologists and paramedical professionals in their and non-aggressive treatments are obvious, that's why doctors, psychologists, nurses, and other health workers have been incorporating these technologies called "Alternative Health Techniques" to their working methods. Students from other countries will have to submit to the regulations in their their respective countries.