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Regressive therapy

Using simple techniques of deep relaxation, which acquires an expands the state of consciousness, regressive therapy allows us to relive the past in order to assimilate and balance the traumatic experiences that are deeply embedded in our unconscious and still continue to influence our behavior, relationships and attitudes in the present.

Relaxation - Creative Visualization

Method through elaborated texts that achieve calm and reduce stress by providing physical and mental benefits to the patient. The usage of creative visualizations allows the patient to release and address personal issues in a NO-traumatic and productive way.

Quartz essences

Essences made from quartz which are a great help as reinforcement for the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety and guilt carried out with the method Ataraxia.


Natural gems which through its composition and vibration they generate are a natural complement, resonates with our physical area and complements our patient therapy.


In the Ataraxia method we use geometric shapes that when combined together in a specific way, allow us to generate a proper vibration useful for each treatment.