The Ataraxia European Association (A.E.A) created by Esther Francia, is constituted by 6 founding partners in February 2003 in Barcelona. This is a nonprofit association, legally recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the number 29295 / B formed by a number of professionals in the field of health and alternative therapies.


Objetivos de la A.E.A.

THe objectives that promotes the association are:

  • Protect, defend, regulate and disseminate knowledge of Ataraxia.

    Subsidize individual sessions for people with few resources.

    Promote research and knowledge of Ataraxia.

    Develop and organize training courses and similar activities.

    Disclose developments and research.

    Participate in associations helps sick to thus be able to offer our services to the investigations.

    Funding workshops for underprivileged children, to bring them into contact with the philosophy of Ataraxia.

    Different non-profit activities.